nWOL version 1.7.75 Released

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nWOL version 1.7.75

1.7.73 contained a bug that prevented the transfer of configuration files. 1.7.75 fixes that bug. Due to the bug, the transfer of configuration files between different versions are:

  • 1.7.59 or earlier -> 1.7.75: Possible
  • 1.7.59 or earlier -> 1.7.73: Not possible
  • 1.7.73 -> 1.7.75: Not possible

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


English Pages for nWOL

nWOL Official Home Page (Download) : https://n-archives.net/en/software/nwol
nWOL Manual : https://n-archives.net/en/software/nwol/manual
nWOLc Manual : https://n-archives.net/en/software/nwol/manual/nwolc.html






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