nWOL version 1.7.55 Released

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nWOL version 1.7.55

This is the first version of nWOL which supports English. Since this version needs improvements on English wording, I'd like to ask comments or suggestions from users. Please send your comments at nWOL's Official English page, or email. (Please see nWOL_Readme.txt)

Also, nWOL-related English pages are prepared in n-archives.net. These pages also should require many improvements. Please send your comments also in either way above. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


What's new in this version:

  • First English version.
  • nWOL related pages prepared in n-archives.net.


English Pages for nWOL

nWOL Official Home Page : https://n-archives.net/en/software/nwol
nWOL Manual : https://n-archives.net/en/software/nwol/manual
nWOLc Manual : https://n-archives.net/en/software/nwol/manual/nwolc.html






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